Synesis One – Unleashing the Power of Words through NFT technology

Synesis One – Unleashing the Power of Words through NFT technology

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Synesis One


Synesis One is a web3 tech start-up focused on capturing the value of words through NFT technology to train and educate the artificial intelligence of Mind AI – and get paid for doing so!


Synesis One 4 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is Synesis One
  2. ✔️Who created Synesis One
  3. ✔️Features of Synesis One
  4. Outro


What is Synesis One

synesis one overview


👉 Their goal is to combine play-to-earn technology and DeFi farming activities to monetize the wisdom and knowledge of real people.


👉 Synesis One is the world’s first DAO for Play-to-Earn Data Yield Farming and an NFT Data Marketplace for AI.


👉 It is the ecosystem of data contributors, data traders, and data consumers on the Solana blockchain.


👉 Synesis (SNS) is a governance token that powers the play-to-earn model using MMO gamification to train AI data.


👉 By introducing this fresh approach to AI training, Synesis One enables users to train datasets for Artificial Intelligence, which are then pegged to NFTs.


👉 Developers will then pay to use these AIs and the datasets which power them, and the NFT holders are rewarded for their efforts – similar to the way royalties work.


👉 Architects create the AI training dataset, builders provide feedback to the AI, and then validators approve the builder’s feedback.


👉 Synesis One will turn 10,000 of the most frequently used words into NFTs and incorporate them into a play-to-earn ecosystem.


👉 While the NFT staking dynamics incentivize the community to interact with them, the NFTs will help to train AI in the background.


👉 As the digital world grows more complex and technology advances, there are more opportunities than ever to own valuable and unique digital assets, including words!


Who created Synesis One

synesis one team


👉 Paul Lee and Joshua Hong are the co-founders of Synesis One and Mind Ai.


👉 Synesis One was created to deliver high-quality data and produce highly trained quality datasets so that Mind AI can reach its full potential.


👉 Joshua Hong is a venture capitalist and blockchain entrepreneur and has worked at Accenture as a technology and corporate strategy consultant.


👉 He also founded and chaired YPO Singularity University Seminar and this educational program received a high level of praise from the Young President’s Organization.


👉 Paul is a graduate of the University of Oxford with a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, and he also co-founded JNP LAB in Seoul that acts as a development hub for global exponential technologies.


Features of Synesis One

synesis one features


👉 Crowd-sourced datasets are turned into financial assets by unlocking the hidden potential of everyday thoughts and languages.


👉 Data yield farmers can participate in the Synesis ecosystem and players can stake their NFTs.


👉 By reading information and providing feedback, players get rewarded and they can be architects, builders, or validators for the ecosystem.


👉 Their data yield farming app as an MVP version now runs on the Solana testnet.


👉 The same app is also fully integrated into Mind AI, which has been fully commercialized and is currently powering the online ordering and customer service chatbot system for one of the largest grocery store chains in South East Asia.


👉 Their first NFT game, a collection of 50 puzzle games played in digital graphic novel format, is in full production.


👉 The NFT marketplace, Kanon Exchange, built on Metaplex by Solana Studio, is in development.


👉 By taking advantage of the Solana blockchain, Synesis One is able to benefit from one of the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystems in crypto by executing transactions at extremely high speeds and delivering enjoyable and engaging gameplay for users.


👉 In addition, Synesis One will integrate with Polygon for improved scalability and to unlock cross-chain interoperability with the Ethereum ecosystem, allowing Synesis One to interact with a rich ecosystem of dApps, Web3 software, and NFTs.



👉 Mind AI and Synesis One will become the world’s first public utility AI system, with the added benefits of being permission-less, resistant to censorship, fully decentralized and secure for all users.


👉 Synesis One will monetize the rarity of an estimated 450,000 words from the English language, turning them into valuable NFTs and rare assets – to reflect the true power that language holds.


👉 With so many unique words, it can be daunting to decide which ones are worth owning, but you can opt to collect those that hold the highest potential to yield rewards, or maybe you want to own some of your favourite words – like a colour or an emotion.


👉 Whichever words you decide to own, you will become part of a revolutionary new NFT environment and it will be for a greater cause.


👉 By helping to train and educate artificial intelligence, you can play a role in shaping the future of technology.