SportsIcon – The Upcoming NFT Marketplace for Sports Fans

SportsIcon – The Upcoming NFT Marketplace for Sports Fans

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Sports Icon Review


SportsIcon aims to deliver high-quality NFTs to capture moments from the careers of athletes and sports teams from around the world, giving sports fans an opportunity to own a unique expression of art inspired by their favourite role models.


Sportsicon 5 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is Sportsicon?
  2. ✔️Who created Sportsicon?
  3. ✔️The Lion Club
  4. Features of Sportsicon
  5. Conclusion


What is Sportsicon?

sportsicon overview


👉 Sportsicon is backed by several investors, including

➡️️​ Mike Edwards, the Founder of ARGO Blockchain

➡️️​ Chad Hurley, the Founder of Youtube

➡️️​ Sundeep Madra, the Vice-president of Ford-X


👉 Through immersive NFT videos and art, fans can share moments from the lives and careers of iconic athletes and sporting brands to commemorate specific, historical moments in their sporting careers, and will also showcase the respective physical skills of individual athletes.


Who created Sportsicon?

sportsicon the team


👉 SportsIcon was created by a team of 3 professionals who are passionate about sports and technology.


👉 Chris Worsey owns two tech businesses, Alexi Yovanoff is a FIFA Match Agent and has a masters in Neuroscience, and Riku Sarkinen is the Lead Developer of the project and he is a qualified Full-Stack software engineer.


👉 The team has collaborated with The Guild, which is an inclusive, dynamic and interdisciplinary Arts organization founded on the blockchain during the Covid-19 pandemic.


👉 It is focused on cultivating creative collaborations globally, promoting cross-cultural synergy, positivity, equality and artistic sustainability in the digital realm of art.


The Lion Club

the lion club sportsicon


👉 Sportsicon has a unique membership offering, known as the Lion Club, and there are only 9000 memberships available (and that’s all there ever will be).


👉 The SportsIcon Lion Club gives sports fans an opportunity to meet some of the greatest athletes in the world and gives them exclusive access to VIP tickets for real-world sporting events.


👉 Members will have access to the private discord community channel and the collection of unique lion icon NFTs.


👉 The goal of the Lion Club is to form a community that will be bigger than the crowds at many sporting events, lower-division football and rugby clubs, and cricket games.


Features of Sportsicon

sportsicon features


👉 The SportsIcon NFT platform is built on Flow, providing a highly scalable architecture with low transaction fees.


👉 Some NFT packs will also include real-world prizes like signed memorabilia or box seats at a game.


👉 SportsIcon provides fans with exclusive sports content by streaming interviews that document the careers and advice of famous athletes.


👉 Additionally, the SportsIcon platform is planning to host masterclasses where athletes provide insights into their mental and physical training methods.



👉 SportsIcon gives Lion club members an opportunity to connect with their role models in sports, gain access to VIP tickets for sports events, and attend virtual and in-person meetings with some of the best athletes and sports icons in the industry.


👉 Sports fans will have exclusive marketplace access to VIP perks and if the project sells out entirely, Lion Club members will be asked to vote on whether to build a sports complex in the metaverse to make NFTs accessible to mainstream sporting fans.


👉 The first NFT collection will cover the history of the legendary Mexican soccer club Pumas, which has won seven national championships, and the next digital collection will document Romelu Lukaku’s impressive soccer journey.


👉 There are three levels of Pre-Mint passes for the Chelsea FC forward, each of which provides different benefits, such as recurring airdrops of special edition NFTs throughout each month in 2023.


👉 SportsIcon is in the process of securing exclusive partnerships with top athletes and has also partnered to feature Mexican wrestling company Lucha Libre and the PUMAS soccer club.


👉 This platform is entirely dedicated to commemorating the careers and lives of athletes and their fans.


👉 The SportsIcon community will have exclusive access to VIP perks, special interviews and the collection of unique Lion icon NFTs.