Metamall – Redefining the Future of Retail Through Blockchain Technology

Metamall – Redefining the Future of Retail Through Blockchain Technology

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MetaMall Review


Metamall is a galactic super mall in the Metaverse where people can go shopping, enjoy VR entertainment and gaming, engage with friends and colleagues, buy NFTs, build stores and games, and even advertise their businesses and products.


Metamall 5 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is Metamall
  2. ✔️Who founded Metamall
  3. ✔️Features of Metamall
  4. What to expect
  5. What makes Metamall Unique


What is Metamall

metamall overview


👉 In a post-pandemic world, shopping and socialising simply isn’t the same anymore, which is why Metamall plans to create an immersive platform that combines the power of blockchain technology with Virtual and Augmented Reality to emulate environments that people are familiar with and to power business and retail activities in an unrestricted, censorship-resistant digital economy.


👉 To offer a truly unique and interactive virtual experience, Metamall is designed like a spaceship and has a zero-gravity environment where black holes are on the horizon and the laws of physics can be altered.


👉 Metamallers can fully immerse themselves in a cosmic super-mall set in the future where they can earn wealth, contribute to the mall by creating and building, socialise, play games and so much more.


Who founded Metamall

metamall team


👉 Metamall was founded by Serge Gianchandani who is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in various business and technology projects for the last 20 years.


👉 He is the founder of Egg Solution Optronics and co-founded several other specialised projects, including Moksha, Acexam and Piquic.


This project is driven by a team of 7 experts who collectively contribute as advisors, investors, developers and influencers.


Features of Metamall

metamall features


👉 The 4 distinct zones in the Metamall are designed for gaming, shopping, business, and lifestyle activities and the mall itself is built on a spaceship that is set in the future.


👉 The Metamall NFT marketplace will be a place where NFTs can be created, showcased and traded.


👉 Metamallers will be allowed to list their NFTs on auctions, view trading history, receive notifications for NFT drops and sales, and more.


👉 Metamall is built on Solana, which is currently rated one of the fastest and most popular blockchains in the world.


👉 Using the Solana framework guarantees high scalability, significantly lower fees and fast transaction speeds (which are powered by Sealevel transaction parallelization smart contracts).


👉 To improve security and prevent attacks from malicious software, Metamall uses a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism that is a variant of the Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) and is facilitated by Tower Consensus.


👉 Metamall uses advanced smart contracts to power the selling, leasing and renting of real estate in the Metaverse and also allows NFTs to be traded and staked on the platform.


👉 The MALL token will serve both governance and utility purposes and will be required for the payment of transactions in the Metamall universe.


👉 This token can be stored in the Metamall wallet and will cover network fees, payments, transaction fees and rewards, and owning MALL tokens will give holders voting rights.


What to expect

metamall expectations


👉 In the first quarter of 2023, Metamall will be focusing on its DEX (decentralized exchange) and private exchange listing, followed by the 1st round of NFT real estate sales and the launch of the NFT marketplace, which will then be followed by a public sale.


👉 Over the course of this year, Metamall plans to sell more unique NFTs and launch a variety of features, such as staking mechanisms, SDKs (software development kits), VR gaming and finally the launch of the Metamall itself.


What makes Metamall Unique

👉 The Metaverse is an ever-expanding virtual universe that is redefining the way people experience the world.


👉 What we like most about Metamall is that it is a giant spaceship in an immersive cosmic environment where there are no limits to creativity and opportunities.


👉 The mall will have 3 levels and there will be a total of 5,714 spaces in total, with 2,743 spaces that will be released on presale.


👉 Each user will have their own customizable NFT character and there will be a total of 10 billion MALL tokens available for purchase, but you will also be able to earn these tokens through gaming and other activities.


👉 For the first time, you can go shopping, play games and hang out with your friends in space and experience a whole new world through Virtual Reality.