MetaFighter – An Arcade-style, Play-to-earn Fighting Game

MetaFighter – An Arcade-style, Play-to-earn Fighting Game

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MetaFighter Review


MetaFighter is a play-to-earn, arcade-style fighting game set in a universe where timelines collide and fighters from the past, present and future enter the battleground through portals to claim the title of the best fighter in the entire universe


MetaFighter 7 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is MetaFighter
  2. ✔️Features of MetaFighter
  3. ✔️MetaFighter Tokenomics
  4. The Team behind MetaFighter
  5. Investors
  6. What to expect
  7. What we like about MetaFighter


What is MetaFighter

metafighter overview


👉 This game has combined blockchain technology with classic arcade games like Street Fighter, Virtual Fighter and Soul Calibur, and gives players a chance to fight the ultimate battle in the Metaverse.


👉 As a MetaFighter, you can play to learn and fight for fun, play to earn and fight for tokens, or fight to gain and level up.


👉 This is an all-in-one “beat ‘em up” skill-based Metaverse game where you can purchase, lend or rent fighters and arenas.


👉 The marketplace will offer skins, superpowers, artefacts and NFTs that will give players a competitive edge over their opponents.


👉 Fighters will be rewarded with FIGHT tokens and they will have an opportunity to participate in tournaments and special events to win prizes and climb the ranks.


Features of MetaFighter

metafighter features


👉 MetaFighter offers an NFT Marketplace where you can trade and mint many different types of NFTs, including fighters and arenas.


👉 MetaFighter also includes a staking mechanism that allows you to stake FIGHT tokens for fighters, skins, booster packages, superpowers and more.


👉 There are currently 5 fighters and a world map with different battle arenas.


👉 Arenas are a special type of NFT that can be earned and rented, and they are also used for hosting tournaments and advertising.


👉 By lending fighters to other players, you will be able to generate passive income and you will also give other players from all around the world a chance to fight in the Metaverse.


👉 With the free-to-play version, you can play MetaFighter without actually purchasing a fighter NFT.


👉 Once you’ve become acquainted with the game mechanics, you can purchase your own fighters, skins, superpowers, booster packs and more, and begin fighting in PvP mode against other players to earn rewards.


MetaFighter Tokenomics

metafighter tokenomics


👉 The FIGHT token is native to the MetaFighter metaverse and it is a smart contract-powered token that is built on the Binance Smart Chain.


👉 There is a maximum supply of 1.5 billion (1,500,000,000) tokens and these tokens can be staked to earn in-game rewards.


👉 By owning FIGHT tokens, you can purchase fighters, arenas, skins, superpowers, booster packs and more from the NFT Marketplace.


👉 By holding these tokens, the experience you earn by fighting battles will be increased.


👉 Token holders can participate in community-based governance where they can vote on future in-game art for arenas, skins and fighters.


The Team behind MetaFighter

metafighter team


👉 The MetaFighter team consists of 3 backend developers, 2 blockchain developers, 8 artists (with lead artist Alexander Pechenkin who has worked with league of Legends and a 3D animator that worked for World of Warcraft previously), along with 5 managers, 2 testers and 1 public relations manager.


👉 The CEO and founder of MetaFighter, Serkan Duman, has been involved in the blockchain and crypto industry since 2014.


👉 He works closely with an expert advisory panel of 6 members, who are Dan from Netvrk, Kevin Abdulrahman, Sundeep from Trustswap, Theodore from Alphacrypto, Francis from TCL, and Ian Friend from Ferrum Network.



metafighter partners


👉 MetaFighter is backed by several investors, including:

👉 Shima Capital, OIG, Netvrk, DuckDao, AvalonWealth, Maximus Capital, Moonmafia, TCL, Kangaroo Capital, Deltahub, CSP, DCI, Legion Ventures, Nearpad, Oxbull, Ferrum, Trustswap, Fairum, Safelaunch, Kaso2ka, xVortex.


👉 Other partnerships and sponsors include:

👉 Hololoot, Enjinstarter, Skybridge20 Ventures and more.


What to expect

metafighter expectations


👉 In the 3rd quarter of 2021, MetaFighter was focused on expanding its core team and completing intensive market research.


👉 The team focused on refining the game and fighter concept and mechanics, and laid down the architecture and blockchain framework for MetaFighter.


👉 After that, they launched the website and social media channels, finalized documentation and created the first series of NFT fighters.


👉 During the first few months of 2023, the team will be auditing and deploying smart contracts, there will be a Token Generation Event (TGE) and listing, NFT fighter minting will begin and the UI for the arenas and world map will be integrated.


👉 They will also be focusing on integrating tokens and NFTs into the game and launching the staking mechanism.


👉 The MetaFighter team also plans to launch the beta version of the NFT marketplace in the 2nd quarter of 2023, as well as an NFT management tool.


👉 Once the frameworks for the art is established and the artwork is finalized, they will be onboarding partners and sponsorships for tournaments and collaborating with social media influencers to market the game.


👉 Big things are happening this year for MetaFighter and we recommend following them on Twitter if you’d like to stay up to date (@MetaFighter_NFT).


What we like about MetaFighter

👉 With artists from popular games like World of Warcraft and League of Legends, we really look forward to seeing what type of characters and arenas will be created for the MetaFighter metaverse.


👉 This project has already secured sponsorships and partnerships with some of the most reputable companies in the blockchain industry and with a team of over 15 experts, we believe that MetaFighter will be a great success and eagerly anticipate the official launch of the game!


👉 Are you ready to level up your fighter and win battles to claim your place as the ultimate MetaFighter in the Metaverse?