Seal Oracle (SEOR)

Seal Oracle (SEOR)

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Seal Oracle Review


Seal Oracle is a decentralized network, powered by Polkadot, which offers a data protocol platform that provides unified off-chain data for multiple blockchain systems.


Satoshi City 5 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is Seal Oracle
  2. ✔️Who created Seal Oracle
  3. ✔️Features of Seal Oracle
  4. The SEOR coin
  5. What we like about SEOR


What is Seal Oracle

seor overview


👉 A variety of system-level capabilities are provided, enabling identity registration verification, data storage verification, system maintenance, and Seal Oracle ecological governance – as well as data access, data query, data exchange, and data analysis.


👉 Seal Oracle has developed a customizable, highly scalable, user-friendly Oracle development platform for Link Reality – along with other features for future Defi and Web3.0 applications, such as non-temperable storage, and smart contract functions to access reliable data without centralized risk.


👉 This flexible oracle platform is designed to enable developers to use any data, including news, entertainment, sports, weather or random numbers.


👉 Seal Oracle supports multiple blockchains, allowing users from anywhere to participate in its ecosystem.


👉 Seal-Oracle users are provided with advanced blockchain and smart contract technologies to power their projects.


👉 It is the perfect technology for developers, entrepreneurs, enterprises, and individuals seeking new, innovative solutions.


Who created Seal Oracle

what is seor


👉 Yingxuan Li, the founder of the SealSC foundation, is currently developing Seal Oracle.


👉 SealSC is a middleware cloud platform that links the Internet and blockchain networks and provides Oracle services through its own public chain.


👉 Its goal is to enable users and enterprises to build DApps without barriers that can interoperate with current public chains through cross-chain convergence, value circulation and data exchange.


👉 He was previously employed by Beijing Powerwell Technology Co., Ltd, where he was a software development engineer and was later promoted to department manager.


👉 After that, he worked at Beyondsoft as the core technical personnel of the solution team in the early stage, and also became the project manager in the later stages of development.


Features of Seal Oracle

seor features


👉 Seal Oracle utilizes a Hybrid Consensus Algorithm, known as oBFT (Ouroboros Byzantine Fault Tolerant Consensus Protocol), that will be combined with Polkadot's GRANDPA protocol, NPoS (nominated proof-of-stake) protocol and LON (Lightweight Oracle Network) protocol.


👉 oBFT empowers the Seal Oracle with cross-chain and cross-domain data interaction capabilities, enabling unlimited expansion of the ecosystem.


👉 Seal Oracle guarantees increased reliability, transparency and security through LON verification and the collection of external data, combined with the Oracle data in the oBFT network to reach a second consensus.


👉 SEOR integrates with the Polkadot network, which enables the adoption of a multi-layer, three-dimensional chain network structure, enhanced by the security model of Polkadot.


The SEOR coin

seor token


👉 SEOR is Seal Oracle’s native utility token that will be used by data verifiers and suppliers to become nodes and provide services.


What we like about SEOR

👉 Seal Oracle supports businesses by enabling Oracle data aggregation, system pre-governance, and cache distribution through the distributed Oracle data warehouse, which is combined with Substrate's Identity.


👉 Businesses can realize data acquisition, validation, packaging and other innovative services under complex requirements, through a unified predictive machine.


👉 Data providers can establish reliable, flexible data provision methods by managing data patterns, enriching the SEOR ecosystem, and delivering quality data services to the consumers of predictive engine data.


👉 Seal-Oracle plans to use the Polkadot Network to build a cross-chain platform that will unite and empower data providers and users across different blockchain and business economies.


👉 With the support of The Boca Ecosystem, Seal Oracle will be further expanded under the Substrate 2.0 framework, enabling users to provide, manage, and move data between digital decentralized ecosystems.


👉 The core mission of Seal-Oracle is to empower users and their projects using blockchains and intelligent smart contract technologies.


👉 SEOR will empower and enable entrepreneurs, investors and individuals to form a data-rich, secure economic ecosystem driven by decentralized, innovative blockchain technologies.