Satoshi City – Leave Behind a Legacy in the Metaverse

Satoshi City – Leave Behind a Legacy in the Metaverse

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Satoshi City Review


Satoshi City is a virtual world where players can build their own empires and kingdoms in the Metaverse, with a timeline that spans from the times of barbarians and ancient Egypt, all the way to the future where the human race has evolved on an intergalactic scale.


Satoshi City 5 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is Satoshi City
  2. ✔️Who founded Satoshi City
  3. ✔️Features of Satoshi City
  4. CITY tokens
  5. What makes Satoshi City Unique


What is Satoshi City

satoshi city overview


👉 The primary focus of Satoshi City is owning land, upgrading it and winning battles against other players.


👉 However, the goal is not only to conquer the galaxy, but to build an entire civilization filled with history and politics, and to eventually leave behind a legacy in the metaverse with an army that cannot be defeated.


Who founded Satoshi City

satoshi partners


👉 Satoshi City was founded by Aditi Goyal, who has 6 years of experience in Enterprise sales and consulting and is also an expert product and launch specialist.


👉 Aditi is developing Satoshi City with the support of 4 other core team members of which 2 are highly experienced blockchain developers, along with a Full stack developer and a marketing consultant.


👉 Satoshi City is also funded by several investors, including Dutch Crypto Investors, Initiator Capital and Magnus Capital, and partnerships have been secured with companies like Polygon studios, Synapse Network, Arcade Network, the Kusama KSM Network and more.


Features of Satoshi City

satoshi features


👉 In Satoshi City, players will be able to unlock rare and legendary items in the form of NFTs, such as army leaders with unique attributes, one-of-a-kind avatars, battlegrounds and many other in-game assets.


👉 A unique feature of Satoshi City is the process of upgrading land by staking CITY tokens, which are the native tokens of the platform, and all players will be required to purchase land in Satoshi City, which will automatically make them validators on the platform.


👉 However, a portion of land will be reserved for a team of skilled 3D artists to build on and will not be sold.


👉 The Satoshi City platform will facilitate a variety of actions, such as the purchase and sale of land and other NFTs, land rentals and building new features on public land – all of which may have a small fee that will be paid for in CITY tokens.


👉 CITY tokens and other incentives will be rewarded to users for contributing and building on land, by participating in governance activities, making purchases on the platform, and for providing liquidity on the CITY/BNB pair on Pancakeswap.


CITY tokens

satoshi token


👉 CITY tokens are native to the Satoshi City platform and they are primarly used for governance, utility and rewards.


👉 These tokens can also be staked to upgrade land and are used as payment for a variety of in-game assets and legendary NFTs.


👉 This is a BEP20 token that is built on the Binance Smart Chain and there will be a fixed supply of CITY tokens available.


What makes Satoshi City Unique

👉 In a post-pandemic world, people are seeking new ways of making friends, socialising and creating new memories, and now you can spend time with friends and build empires together in a world that spans across the ancient history and intergalactic future of humanity.


👉 What makes Satoshi City unique is its innovative staking system that enables land NFTs to be upgradable, along with the legendary leaders that can be collected to lead your army to victory.


👉 The official game will be launched globally towards the end of this year and there will be 10,000 plots for sale with the final launch.


👉 We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Satoshi city! Remember to keep an eye out for land sales if your are interested in playing