Monsters Clan (MONS)

Monsters Clan (MONS)

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MonstersClan Review


Monsters Clan is a new blockchain-based game with an exciting NFT marketplace where players can buy unique monsters and other in-game items that are used to make their monsters grow and create exciting environments.


Monsters Clan 6 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is Monster Clan
  2. ✔️Who created Monsters Clan
  3. ✔️The MONS coin
  4. How to buy MONS
  5. How to Earn MONS by playing
  6. What we like about Monster Clan


What is Monster Clan

monstersclan overview


👉 Players have to buy plots and collect monsters, which can be created or bought, and the monsters need to be fed to grow stronger.


👉 To earn MONS tokens, players can either sell their monsters in the NFT marketplace or they can compete in battles and tournaments for greater rewards.


👉 Monsters Clan is one of the first blockchain-based games to introduce a ‘Rent NFTs' feature – allowing players to either earn a passive income by renting out NFTS, or to rent NFTs that could not be afforded previously.


👉 The alpha version of Monsters Clan was released in December 2021.


Who created Monsters Clan

monstersclan team


👉 The CEO and co-founder of Monsters clan, Shahzaib Ali, is a game enthusiast who is passionate about playing and developing video games.


👉 He is an experienced Unity game developer and is the mastermind behind Monsters Clan.


👉 Monsters clan is being created by a team of 5 skilled developers and crypto enthusiasts, including Shahzaib Ali, who all have extensive experience with game development and NFT gaming projects.


👉 Jack Britton is the senior developer who is responsible for transforming Monsters Clan into a fully-functional and interactive game.


The MONS coin

mons coin


👉 MONS is the native currency of Monsters Clan and it will be used to buy, sell, or rent Monsters Clan assets through its own NFT Marketplace.


👉 It is a BEP20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain Network and it will establish a fair and transparent payment system between players and be used as a governance token for the Monsters Clan community.


How to buy MONS

buy moms coin


👉 The easiest way to buy MONS is directly from the Monsters Clan website, by navigating to the official Pancake exchange site, choosing an asset from the list and converting it to MONS.


👉 MONS cannot be directly purchased with fiat currencies, so to purchase MONS tokens on most cryptocurrency exchanges, you will need to have Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) to trade with.


👉 The top exchanges for trading MONS are currently AOFEX, PancakeSwap (V2), and DODO BSC.


How to Earn MONS by playing

how to play monstersclan


👉 At the start, players will have to buy Island plots, monsters, and different NFT items, such as feed, laboratories and potions, to progress in the game.


👉 There will be different fight modes, such as AI mode and PVP mode, where players will be able to compete against other powerful monsters or against each other.


👉 Players will be rewarded for winning battles and they have the option of buying and selling monsters and assets on the NFT marketplace.


👉 Other game modes will include tournaments and clan battles, which will create exciting opportunities for competitive and team-based players.


What we like about Monster Clan

👉 Monsters Clan is powered by Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, and is sponsored by several established companies, including Deltahub Capital, Oracles investment Group and Dreamboat Capital.


👉 Each monster has a unique aesthetic and there is already a variety of NFTs available in the marketplace for players who are waiting for the official launch of the game.


👉 For players who can’t afford to own monsters, plots or other assets, there will be the option to rent NFTs from other players – allowing everyone to participate.


👉 Unlike most other games in this category, Monsters Clan will allow players to rent NFTs from the marketplace, which gives one player the potential to earn passive income and another player the opportunity to experience Monsters Clan first-hand.


👉 Monsters Clan is the perfect game for crypto enthusiasts who are interested in a universe filled with monsters, islands, caves and treasures.