Integritee (TEER) – Enterprise Parachain Technology

Integritee (TEER) – Enterprise Parachain Technology

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Integritee Review


Integritee guarantees efficiency, privacy and security by enabling enterprise clients to benefit from familiar internal business processes, documentation and billing procedures, while using innovative blockchain technology.


Integritee 9 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is Integritee?
  2. ✔️Who created Integritee
  3. ✔️What we like about Integritee
  4. Features of Integritee
  5. Why Polkadot?
  6. Using Polkadot and Kusama together
  7. Why TEES?
  8. What is a TEER token?
  9. What makes Integritee unique?


What is Integritee?

integritee overview


👉 For most businesses across a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, finance, and supply chain management, processing sensitive data is simply unavoidable.


👉 By embracing privacy-preserving technologies such as Integritee, firms potentially have the advantage of benefitting from clear market opportunities by protecting the sensitive data they hold and value so much.


👉 The Integritee platform can be easily adopted by both blockchain developers and enterprise clients, and third-party developers gain access to a highly interoperable Polkadot sidechain.


👉 What makes Integritee unique is that it is not only interoperable with all other projects on the Polkadot network, but it can also interface with any light-client capable blockchain or web2 and web3 API.


👉 Integritee's architecture has already been successfully deployed on the Rococo Testnet.


Who created Integritee

integritee team


👉 Co-founders Alain Brenzikofer and Waldemar Scherer founded Integritee in 2021 as a scalable public blockchain solution for securely processing sensitive business or personal data.


👉 Alain Brenzikofer is the Project initiator who has been active in blockchain since 2013 and plays a contributing role to Quartierstrom peer-to-peer energy markets.


👉 He is the lead of Encointer.


👉 Waldemar Scherer is a seasoned executive and entrepreneur and has built blockchain solutions and services for internationally renowned companies in the finance, insurance and pharma industries.


What we like about Integritee

integritee keypoints


👉 Clients benefit from the efficiency, user-friendliness and convenience of centralized data-driven services offered by Integritee.


👉 Integritee enables firms to process sensitive data in pre-agreed ways while protecting the privacy of consumers.


👉 Its flexible deployment allows clients to run Integritee on their own hardware or it can be rented at standard market rates.


👉 Integritee provides its clients with on-site advice and customer support.


👉 To give clients peace of mind, Integritee guarantees compliance with privacy laws like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Foster’s Consumer Trust.


👉 The Integritee architecture provides insight into data without incorrectly enabling access to sensitive information.


Features of Integritee

integritee features


👉 With this Enterprise-ready platform, clients can benefit from easy integration with existing systems and a dependable SLA at affordable costs.


👉 Integritee is designed for optimal privacy and it enables individual developers or firms to create platforms that protect sensitive consumer data, without compromising privacy or risking harmful data leaks or breaches.


👉 Integritee allows enterprises with overlapping interests to selectively collaborate on data without compromising sensitive business information.


👉 Firms or consumers can process data in pre-agreed ways through open-source code, without anyone having access to the underlying dataset.


👉 All sensitive data is stored securely and separately, and can be encrypted for extra security.


👉 It can only be processed in an isolated, trusted execution environment that is only accessible to individuals who are granted permission.


Why Polkadot?

polkadot overview


👉 Polkadot enables cross-blockchain transfers of any type of data or asset and one of Polkadot’s key benefits is that it enables many blockchain networks to pool their security resources.


👉 Integritee uses the Polkadot network to ensure public auditability.


Using Polkadot and Kusama together

👉 Integritee uses Kusama as its canary network to test new features before final deployment, enabling Integritee to ensure that only well-proven updates happen on Integritee’s Polkadot parachain(s).



👉 Integritee uses its Polkadot parachain to verify remote attestation to assure all users that their data can only be processed in pre-agreed ways in an isolated and trustworthy hardware environment.


👉 By combining the auditability of Polkadot with the confidentiality and speed of trusted execution environments (TEEs), Integritee delivers verifiable privacy at a large scale.


What is a TEER token?

integritee teer token


👉 The native token of Integritee is TEER and the token supply is hard-capped at 10 million TEER.


👉 It is used on a network of multiple parachains and using the platform for off-chain computation and sidechains will cost fees, so the TEER token is needed because the Integritee parachain is decentralized and payment has to be made in tokens.


👉 The Integritee parachain usage fees are denominated in USD.


👉 Oracle services ensures the live tracking of the USD/TEER exchange rate in order to maintain stable usage fees.


👉 To obtain TEER tokens, Integritee will be bidding in the Kusama parachain slot auctions and will be rewarding holders of KSM with TEER if they support Integritee by bonding some of their holdings.


What makes Integritee unique?

👉 Integritee provides third-party developers with a highly scalable, second-layer Polkadot sidechain that is interoperable with any web2 or web3 system that can securely process sensitive business information and consumer data.


👉 Integritee’s unique hardware-enabled, blockchain-powered architecture provides a trustworthy, affordable and easily adaptable alternative to centralized, data-driven commercial products and services offered to enterprises.