Gemini – A Multi-feature NYDFS-regulated Crypto Exchange

Gemini – A Multi-feature NYDFS-regulated Crypto Exchange

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Gemini Review


Gemini, also known as the “Gemini Trust Company”, is a New York-based cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2014 by two brothers, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss.


Gemini 7 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is Gemini
  2. ✔️Features of Gemini
  3. ✔️Tokenomics
  4. How to buy
  5. Wallets
  6. How to open an account
  7. Why should you use Gemini


What is Gemini

gemini overview


👉 The Winklevoss brothers are twins and they are famous investors who attended Harvard University with Mark Zuckerberg, who they battled in court over the intellectual property that was used to create Facebook – claiming that he copied their idea and parts of the code they had paid him to create. But the matter was settled and the twins received compensation.


👉 From a young age, they worked with computers and developed a keen interest in cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin was launched, which inspired the creation of the Gemini exchange.


👉 As pioneers in the crypto industry, the Winklevoss brothers created an exchange that was the first-ever licensed exchange for Ether and Zcash. It was also the first exchange to launch Bitcoin futures contracts and it is one of only a few crypto exchanges that are regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS).


👉 Gemini is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges on the market and offers a full suite of products for beginners, retail investors and professional traders, allowing them to buy, sell, store, and earn interest on stablecoins and other cryptocurrencies. Let’s review the products and features offered by Gemini in more detail:


Features of Gemini

gemini features


The core features of the Gemini exchange are the following:

Gemini ActiveTrader platform

👉 A high-speed platform that is designed for professional, high-volume traders who require more advanced features such as multiple order types, daily auctions for certain trading pairs, block trading, advanced charting and more. This platform offers a simple order process with deep order book visibility to ensure that strategies can be executed successfully.


Gemini Earn

👉 With Gemini Earn, you can earn up to 8.05% APY on your idle cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Transferring your assets between your Gemini account and Gemini earn is easy and there are no minimum transfer amounts, no transfer fees and no redemption fees. Gemini Earn compounds interest daily and guarantees high-yield crypto returns with more than 110x the average national interest rate.


Gemini Web exchange

👉 Use the Gemini Exchange to easily research and analyse crypto markets, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and build your investment portfolio. The Gemini web exchange offers a streamlined Trading View interface with a variety of advanced trading tools and intuitive features.


Gemini Credit card

👉 The Gemini Credit card is a new product and there is currently a waitlist, but you can sign up now for early access if you are a US citizen. The credit card will have no annual fees and you will be able to earn instant rewards in Bitcoin and more than 50 other cryptocurrencies for purchases made using this card.


Gemini Custody

👉 Gemini Custody is a secure, compliant offline custody solution that can be used to move your digital assets off the network for secure holding by Gemini. It is a special type of account that stores assets in a secure, segregated proprietary Cold Storage system.


Gemini Pay

👉 With Gemini Pay, you can spend your crypto at more than 30,000 retail locations across the United States with no transaction fees. You also have the option of spending your dollars in GUSD to avoid the price volatility of other cryptocurrencies. Supported payment methods include Bitcoin, Gemini dollar (GUSD), ether, litecoin, zcash, or bitcoin cash.


Gemini Clearing

👉 Gemini Clearing allows Gemini to act as a confirming third-party in pre-arranged transactions, which allows transactions to be settled much faster while mitigating counterparty risks. This product facilitates bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trades immediately and both parties must be fully funded for the asset movements to clear.


Gemini Wallet

👉 Gemini offers both an insured hot wallet and an institutional-grade cold storage system solution that ensures all your digital assets are stored securely. Gemini offers one of the few crypto wallets that have insurance and you can further secure your wallet with 2FA and the Gemini Custody account. You can also secure your account with a WebAuthn hardware security key.


Gemini Mobile app

👉 With the Gemini mobile app, you can set custom price alerts so that you never miss market movements and you can easily buy, sell and store crypto using this app. By downloading the Gemini mobile app, you can also access Gemini Earn directly from your mobile device, and conveniently manage your investment portfolio and monitor price movements with no hassles.



gemini tokenomics


👉 The GUSD (Gemini Dollar) is native to the Gemini exchange and it is an ERC20 stablecoin that was built on the Ethereum network. It is pegged in a 1:1 ratio to the USD and it can be redeemed for 1 USD at any given moment.


👉 When you send or trade GUSD via the Gemini exchange, no fees are charged. Transactions are 100% borderless and can be settled within a few seconds.


👉 By storing your GUSD on Gemini Earn, you can earn up to 8.05% APY (Annual percentage yield) when you are not using it as a currency.


👉 GUSD is essentially an alternative currency to the USD because no bank fees are charged, it is borderless and there are no transfer delays.


👉 This stablecoin is also supervised and audited and one of the safest currencies you can use.


How to buy

gemini buy crypto


👉 The easiest way to buy GUSD is by using the Gemini app or web exchange.

  1. Simply launch the Gemini homepage and log in to your user account.
  2. Open the Gemini exchange and go to the “Markets” section.
  3. Find GUSD and place your order.


👉 No fees will be charged when you purchase GUSD from Gemini, but if you are using a debit card then your card network provider may charge fees. You get 10 complimentary monthly withdrawals, but withdrawing GUSD will not count towards your free withdrawals.


👉 If you already have an account with a third-party exchange but you would like to use Gemini, you can purchase GUSD from third-party exchanges, such as OKX, HitBTC, Uniswap V2 and V3, Curve Finance and a few others.



gemini wallet


👉 You can hold your GUSD stablecoins in the Gemini Wallet and enjoy industry-grade security and asset insurance, as well as direct access to Gemini Earn – but there are also several other credible ERC20-compatible wallets that can be used to store your coins.


👉 Some of the third-party wallets we recommend using are Trustwallet, Atomic wallet and Metamask.


👉 Trust Wallet is free to download and use, and supports a total of more than 160,000 coins and digital assets, which can easily be traded and managed directly from the wallet.


👉 Atomic wallet is free to use and beginner-friendly and offers multi-currency support for more than 300 cryptocurrencies that can be traded using the built-in exchange.


👉 The MetaMask software wallet can be used to conveniently buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies using the built-in exchange and it allows you to connect directly to a variety of blockchain apps.


How to open an account

The Gemini exchange is currently available in every US state, Singapore and Hong Kong. You have the option of creating a business account if you are an institutional investor.


Step 1: Visit the Gemini website

Visit the official Gemini to start the process of opening an account

open a gemini account step 1


Step 2: Click on the “Get Started” button.

To open an account with Gemini, open the home page and click on the “Get Started” button.


open a gemini account step 2


Step 3: Fill in the form.

You can sign up with your email address and you will be required to fill in your personal details. Once you have created your account, you must verify your email address or mobile number.

open a gemini account step 3



Once your account is verified and complete, you can make your first deposit and start trading!


Why should you use Gemini

👉 We recommend using Gemini if you’re a crypto investor based in the United States, Hong Kong or Singapore and if you are looking for an alternative currency to the USD that you can spend at over 30,000 US-based retail investors.


👉 Gemini offers plenty of products for buying, trading, storing, and spending crypto and you can earn competitive high-yield interest rates with Gemini Earn.


👉 Open your Gemini account today to start earning rewards and building your investment portfolio with 24/7 customer support.