GamiFi – Multi-chain IDO Launchpad & Support System Review

GamiFi – Multi-chain IDO Launchpad & Support System Review

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GamiFi Review


GamiFi is the latest IDO launchpad for play-to-earn, Metaverse, and blockchain-based games and the focus will be on its NFT marketplace, post-IDO marketing and community-building, and allowing developers to run fundraising campaigns through the platform.


GamiFi 5 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is GamiFi
  2. ✔️Who created GamiFi
  3. ✔️Features of GamiFi
  4. GMI token
  5. Conclusion


What is GamiFi

gamifi overview


👉 IDO, or initial DEX offering, is a form of crowdfunding for any new blockchain-based project (similar to Kickstarter for games) launched on a decentralized exchange platform that will be using tokens.


👉 The world of gaming has truly evolved over the last decade, and in a world of entrepreneurs and unbalanced economies, play-to-earn and blockchain-based games are becoming increasingly popular amongst the masses – giving people alternative income streams and exciting investment opportunities.


👉 GamiFi plans to create a multi-chain, EVM-compatible NFT marketplace that will allow you to access and manage NFTs on one platform.


Who created GamiFi

gamifi team


👉 Laura Walsh is a blockchain expert and is the COO at Launchpool, which is an egalitarian investment platform based on the belief that everyone should have equal opportunities to earn wealth.


👉 She was also an Executive Committee member of NEM Group Ltd. and until recently, she worked as a channel and content manager for the NEAR Protocol.


👉 Laura has a Master’s Degree in Political Science, and she has an expert understanding of international development and Economics.


Features of GamiFi

gamifi features


👉 The GamiFi NFT system will allow users to convert all their NFTs to erc721 and erc1155 format so that any of the games on the platform can be accessed.


👉 All the latest EVM-based blockchain games will be accessible directly from the dashboard, along with daily statistics and relevant information about the games.


👉 Using a tier-based whitelisting system, project owners can complete tasks and earn tickets to increase their chances of being whitelisted for IDOs.


👉 The dashboard will have a user-friendly interface for developers that will display their upcoming projects and funded projects, allowing project owners to conveniently keep track of how many participants they have in a project and how much capital has been raised.


👉 The GamiFi launchpad will be an EVM-compatible chain, which means projects can be launched on Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Fantom, Avalanche and Ethereum.


GMI token

gamifi gmi token


👉 The GMI token, short for “Gonna Make it!”, is native to the GamiFi platform and it will give token holders access to allocation slots for being on the IDO whitelist, using a First Come First Serve (FCFS) model.


👉 The more GMI tokens you hold, the more tickets you will have, which greatly increases your chances to win a whitelist slot.


👉 There will be a total of 1 billion tokens created, and it is important to note that BSC (Binance Smart Chain) coins or ETH (Ethereum) coins will be used for transaction fees.



👉 GamiFi has secured partnerships with a reputable network of protocols and investors to ensure that IDOs are successful, and the community is already growing in anticipation of the official platform launch.


👉 This launchpad will not only help with your IDO launch, but GamiFi will share news on updates and milestones with the community so that you are fully supported before, during and after the launch of your project.