Ecomi (OMI) – Bringing Pop-Culture NFTs to Blockchain

Ecomi (OMI) – Bringing Pop-Culture NFTs to Blockchain

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Ecomi Review


Ecomi is a platform that can be used to purchase, protect and collect premium, licensed digital pop-culture collectables and offers a multi-purpose ecosystem that consists of the VeVe marketplace, the Ecomi Collect application and the Ecomi Secure Storage wallet.


Ecomi 6 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is Ecomi
  2. ✔️Features of Ecomi
  3. ✔️The OMI token
  4. Where to buy OMI
  5. Top 3 OMI wallets
  6. What we like about Ecomi


What is Ecomi

ecomi overview


👉 Veve, Ecomi’s proprietary blockchain-based marketplace, can be used to buy, sell and trade licensed digital collectables and network users can expect to see brands like DC Comics, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Marvel and Cartoon Network.


👉 It is essentially an NFT marketplace for GO721 NFTs, but it appears that the assets purchased cannot be exported and will permanently remain in the secure Ecomi wallet.


👉 By preventing assets from being exportable, secondary sales of collectables are discouraged, which increases the rarity of the collectables.


👉 However, this should not discourage you from using Ecomi because unlike most other NFT platforms, you can display your collectables in an augmented reality showroom and share them on the Ecomi social network.


Features of Ecomi

ecomi features


👉 The most prominent feature of Ecomi in our opinion is that this company has secured several partnerships with major brands, which means that you can legally buy, sell and trade collectables of your favourite cartoon characters and superheroes, and display them in the Ecomi AR (augmented Reality) showrooms or create customized scenes.


👉 In the future, Ecomi plans to develop the Ecomi Collect platform in such a way that collectables will be able to interact with one another, which holds potential for an NFT gaming platform.


👉 To ensure that collectables remain scarce, they are released in batches called “series” and each item is assigned a level of rarity, ranging from common to Secret-Rare (which constitutes only 1% of the series).


👉 Ecomi’s NFTs are GO721 NFTs and once a user has exchanged OMI tokens for an NFT, the NFT will be moved to the buyer’s wallet.


👉 The Ecomi applications and its OMI token have been built using the GoChain blockchain, which is a fork of Ethereum and can currently successfully handle 1,300 transactions per second.


👉 GoChain is entirely compatible with Ethereum and also supports smart contracts and dApps.


👉 Despite using GO20 and GO721 standards, the Ecomi NFT smart contract will be compatible with the ERC721 token standard to ensure long-term stability.


The OMI token

ecomi omi token


👉 OMI is a GO20 token that is built on the GoChain blockchain and is compatible with Ethereum.


👉 It is native to the Ecomi ecosystem and is required for purchasing NFTs on the VeVe marketplace and for the payment of transactions carried out within Ecomi Collect.


👉 Additionally, by owning OMI tokens, collectors have access to exclusive features via the ’Master Collector Program’.


👉 Some of these features include early access to digital collectable releases, limited-edition collectables and bonus OMI tokens.


👉 The OMI token ensures an immutable record of ownership of NFTs and OMI tokens are burned when Gems are purchased, which is the currency used in the VeVe marketplace.


👉 To use the VeVe app and all its features, such as showrooms and customizable scenes with NFTs that can be moved, rotated and scaled, OMI tokens first need to be converted to Gems.


Where to buy OMI

where to buy omi token


👉 If you are interested in buy, selling or trading NFTs on the VeVe app or showcasing your collectables on Ecomi collect, you will need OMI tokens.


👉 These tokens can easily be purchased from major online exchanges, such as, AscendEX or BitForex.


Top 3 OMI wallets

ecomi wallets


👉 Based on research, we recommend using the proprietary Ecomi wallets.


👉 Unfortunately, it does not appear that any third-party wallets currently support the OMI token, but the native Ecomi hardware wallet is a highly secure, cold-storage wallet that uses institutional-grade EAL5 security.


👉 It can easily be used to send and recevie cryptocurrencies using its companion mobile application.


👉 The E is generated as an in-app wallet that is created with every new account and it can be accessed from the Ecomi Collect app.


👉 This wallet holds OMI tokens and NFTs and it can be used to manage NFTs, stake tokens and purchase OMI.


What we like about Ecomi

👉 In addition to collecting action figures and comics, people can now collect licensed, original NFTs and display them in customizable AR showrooms.


👉 We admire the initiative that the Ecomi team has taken to secure partnerships with some of the most popular pop-culture brands to give the world an opportunity to own exclusive NFTs of their favourite superheroes and cartoon characters.