Concordium (GTU) – Blockchain for Business Review

Concordium (GTU) – Blockchain for Business Review

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Concordium Review


With the rising interest in both digital currencies and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), platforms like Concordium offer a high-speed, scalable, and secure blockchain that can be trusted.


Bybit 9 key point overview:


👉 A major shift in banking infrastructure could be the reason that banks need to start using innovative enterprise solutions like Concordium.


👉 Although blockchain is on the rise, corporate adoption of distributed ledger technology (DLT) has been slow because the systems are not compliant with regulatory requirements due to being anonymous.


👉 Given this fresh approach to blockchain technology that conforms to more rule-based global business demands, especially in regulatory compliance, Concordium aims to spark more widespread corporate endorsement with its network, while being fully regulated.


👉 Combined with a secure, high-throughput, low-cost architecture, services like data sharing, storage, and transaction management are capable of meeting the demands of enterprises, making it easier for businesses to adopt this technology.


About Concordium

concordium overview


👉 Concordium is the first non-permission-based public blockchain that international businesses can trust and is designed to be compliant with enterprise regulatory frameworks.


👉 Having close relationships with international companies like Volvo, Ikea, and Saxo Bank adds to the credibility of Concordium and gives it a competitive advantage in the market.


👉 Concordium recently launched its fourth testnet, and a mainnet release is due soon.


👉 This Zug-based platform utilizes zero-knowledge proofs to preserve user privacy while also offering the ability to revoke anonymity, which keeps regulators happy while protecting the identities and privacy of users.


👉 The platform utilizes smart contracts with use-cases in multiple sectors and industries, from IoT to supply chain.


👉 Concordium prioritizes scalability, security and decentralization to satisfy regulatory requirements and to enable trillions of blockchain-based business transactions.


The creators of Concordium

concordium team


👉 Lars Seier Christensen is the Founder of the Swiss non-profit Concordium Foundation and has more than 30 years of experience across the banking and financial sector.


👉 He is a global pioneer in FX and derivatives trading and co-founded Saxo Bank in 1992, which is a regulated, bank-licensed online trading and investment platform.


Key features of Concordium

concordium features


➡️️​ Regulatory compliance by design

➡️️​ Privacy and verification of the users’ identity

➡️️​ Fast transactions and high throughput for global scale

➡️️​ Provable and fast finality – Finality as a Service (FaaS)

➡️️​ Future-proof and focused on interoperability

➡️️​ White Label Production Architecture and Sharding

➡️️​ Easy-to-deploy smart contracts

➡️️​ Fixed transaction fees


Concordium Tokenomics

Concordium Tokenomics


👉 GTU is a Global Transaction Unit that is used on Concordium.


👉 It was designed by macroeconomists and currency-protocol experts.


👉 Its core objective is to create a self-sustaining payment model, aiming to provide enterprises with a fully compliant, scalable, usable and private payment token.


How to buy GTU

👉 It seems unclear whether GTU can be bought from any of the popular exchanges at this stage, but Concrdium plans to publish a list of supporting exchanges which will hopefully clarify the process of obtaining GTU tokens for individuals who are not minting.


Top 3 GTU wallets

concordium wallets


👉 It seems that the only GTU wallet that is currently available is Concordium’s proprietary web-based wallet.


👉 A wallet can be created by navigating to the official Concordium website where a secure download link can be used.


👉 The Concordium desktop wallet can be used in combination with a Ledger Nano S hardware device to generate and store keys and sign transactions securely.


What we like about Concordium

👉 Concordium delivers a rule-based system that appeals to international enterprises, safeguarding their interests through increased transparency, improved governance, and guaranteed privacy.


👉 Concordium offers low and stable transaction fees in Euro terms, using a stabilized transaction price mechanism.


👉 New users are onboarded through a built-in user identification system at the protocol level, ensuring that an individual’s identity is confirmed, kept private, and verifiable in transactions.


👉 Users of Concordium can trust the identity of the people using the network and they can trust that Concordium will deliver all the capacity and security that they need.