Bloktopia (BLOK)

Bloktopia (BLOK)

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Bloktopia Review


Bloktopia plans to create a fully immersive, first-person universe where players can own and lease real estate, engage in the NFT marketplace, socialise with other Bloktopians, and trade cryptocurrencies.


Bloktopia 5 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is Bloktopia
  2. ✔️Who created Bloktopia
  3. ✔️Features of Bloktopia
  4. The Bloktopia tokens
  5. Outro


What is Bloktopia

bloktopia overview


👉 Bloktopia plans to revolutionize the way crypto investors and enthusiasts experience the Metaverse by providing an interactive, 3-dimensional digital universe where they can learn, create and earn an income.


👉 It will be built on top of the Polygon blockchain and will serve as a central hub where you can own real estate, advertise and earn revenue, build your network and fully immerse yourself in the world of crypto.


👉 As a tribute to the 21 million hard cap on Bitcoin supply, Bloktopia has designed a 21-level digital mall, with each Level representing a one million Bitcoin supply.


👉 To simulate an engaging consumer experience, this mall will feature storefronts that represent blockchain and crypto projects, exchanges, influencers and crypto businesses.


Who created Bloktopia

bloktopia team


👉 Ross Tavakoli and Paddy Carroll are the co-founders of Bloktopia.


👉 Since 2015, Ross has been involved with retail investment in crypto. He is the CEO of Bloktopia and gathered a team of experts to develop this unique project.


👉 As an experienced marketer, Padd has worked for popular UK brands, including BT Group and Sky.


👉 He is responsible for marketing strategies at Bloktopia, driving ad revenue campaigns for and through Bloktopia, and will be onboarding supporting platforms to reach a greater audience.


Features of Bloktopia

bloktopia features


👉 Each floor will have 4 designated areas for small advertising totems and one central area for large advertising totems, which are double-sided D6 size boards that will contain video or static imagery.


👉 Each of the advertising boards will be owned 50% by Bloktopia, and 50% by 50 NFT holders and 50 NFT holders will gain 1% of all advertising revenue generated by a specific totem for every NFT held.


👉 Bloktopia will also enable external building advertising on the bright signs and billboards that will become an iconic element of the architecture of Bloktopia, offering more exposure for advertisers.


👉 Another unique feature of Bloktopia is the radio that will be accessible any time and will announce crypto news and information.


👉 The radio can be customized to suit specific interests and it will create advertising and sponsorship opportunities.


👉 The first floor of the mall will be a dedicated trading area that will contain updated pricing information on cryptocurrencies and will play a key role in sponsorship.


👉 There will be an auditorium on the 6th floor that will be used for webinars and it will generate more traffic and gives brands greater opportunities to have their advertising associated with quality content.


The Bloktopia tokens

bloktopia tokens


👉 There are three tokens in Bloktopia that each serve a unique function.


👉 The BLOK is the native token for Bloktopia and will be used as a currency in the Bloktopia metaverse.


👉 It will also fulfil a role as a governance token and be used as a currency to purchase items from the NFT marketplace.


👉 There is a total supply of 200 billion BLOK tokens, with 2 billion in the initial circulating supply.


👉 The second token is REBLOK and it will be used to buy, sell and lease virtual real estate.


👉 This creates income opportunities for Bloktopians, as real estate will be a valuable commodity within the Bloktopia universe and it can either be sold for profit or leased for passive income.


👉 ADBLOK is another token that will be used and it is an innovative way of earning income with Bloktopia through ad revenue.


👉 Investors, entrepreneurs and companies will have a new way of advertising their products, services and dApps, and a proportion of the advertising fees generated will be returned to Bloktopia token holders.



👉 There will be a variety of play-to-earn games where players can enter a raffle to win a Lamborghini, and users can create new locations, showcase artworks, and design challenges using a simple builder tool.


👉 Experienced designers will have access to an SDK (software development kit) to fill the world of Bloktopia with social games and applications.


👉 Bloktopians will be able to view different crypto apps, crypto websites, and crypto social media platforms – all in one place.