AdLunam (LUNAM) – The Upcoming 100x IDO Launchpad that Rewards Investors

AdLunam (LUNAM) – The Upcoming 100x IDO Launchpad that Rewards Investors

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AdLunam Review


AdLunam is an upcoming Engage-to-Earn IDO launchpad that uses a Proof of Attention allocation model to connect projects with investors and to reward community engagement.


AdLunam 6 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is Adlunam
  2. ✔️Features of Adlunam
  3. ✔️The AdLunam Ecosystem
  4. AdLunam Tokenomics
  5. What to expect
  6. What we look forward to


What is Adlunam

adlunam overview


👉 This platform was co-founded in 2021 by Nadja Bester, Jason Fernandes and Lawrence Hutson, who have collectively worked with more than 200 startups and have first-hand experience and an intimate understanding of the challenges faced during the earliest lifecycles of a project.


👉 The team behind AdLunam strongly believes that the relationship between investors and projects should be equally beneficial, and plans to encourage equality and sustainability by allowing valuable investors to participate in IDOs regardless of their social media influence or their connections in investments circles.


👉 AdLunam is inspired by the potential of offering the crypto community a launchpad platform that does not rely solely on marketing to attract investors to projects, but instead, rewards investors for their participation in projects before, during, and after the IDO stage.


Features of Adlunam

adlunam features


👉 In our opinion, the most prominent feature of AdLunam is its ability to create an Investor Profile based on an investors Proof of Attention score and their wallet scorecard.


👉 Investors can connect their wallets to AdLunam so that various factors, such as the age of the wallet, the frequency of activity with the wallet, participation in airdrops using the wallet, and token management, can be tracked and recorded on a scorecard.


The Proof of Attention score is essentially a gamified system that rewards investors with points, badges and ranks on leaderboards. Points can be earned by:

➡️️​ Posting and commenting

➡️️​ Creating and sharing content

➡️️​ Upvoting discussion posts; and

➡️️​ Participating in polls and surveys


👉 The “Engage-to-Earn” feature allows investors to be rewarded for participating in community discussions on the Evergreen crypto message boards and they can build up a Proof of Attention score over time by doing so.


The AdLunam Ecosystem

AdLunam Ecosystem


👉 The AdLunam ecosystem will consist of 5 components, each designed to foster a symbiotic relationship between projects and investors, and to eventually expand into the Metaverse.


On the AdLunam platform, there will be:

➡️️​ a Spacecamp (where advisory services and training will be offered to startups and companies),

➡️️​ a Seedpad (which will act as a type of “filter” that will perform due diligence and research, and will connect projects with investors),

➡️️​ a Space Station (which will be the public space for community engagement and the mechanism that powers the Proof of Attention system),

➡️️​ A Launchpad (which is the project space that will be accessible by invitation only and will be used for airdrops, allocations and access to wallet scoreboards), and

➡️️​ Eventually AdLunam will host exclusive events for investors in the Metaverse.


AdLunam Tokenomics

adlunam tokenomics


👉 LUNAM is native to the AdLunam ecosystem and it is an ERC20 utility token that will have a maximum supply of 1 billion.


👉 By holding LUNAM, investors will be rewarded exclusively and will be able to participate in IDOs on the platform.


👉 LUNAM will also be the primary trading base as the market maker $LUNAM-MATIC LP trading pair.


What to expect

adlunam what to expect


👉 Over the course of 2021, AdLunam focused on research and development, and growing the community. There was also a seed round and a private round, and several strategic partnerships were secured.


👉 The AdLunam platform was launched towards the end of last year and the project was audited successfully.


👉 In the first quarter of 2023, AdLunam will be focused on accelerating its expansion into the crypto space and encouraging mass adoption by initializing multi-chain integrations.


👉 Tokens will be sold on the 12th of January 2023, so make sure to keep an eye on AdLunam’s social media feeds and set your reminders!


What we look forward to

👉 There are many great ideas, but not enough capital, which means that many innovations – no matter how revolutionary – get tucked under the rug and may be forgotten about before they had the chance to launch.


👉 By enticing and incentivizing investors to engage with the launchpad, old projects may be revived with new inspiration and potential, and new projects can survive long enough to make it through the IDO round.


👉 It’s a win-win because projects get the funding and exposure they need, and investors are rewarded for their contributions and participation.


👉 We really look forward to seeing what the future holds for AdLunam and all the projects that will be launched on this platform!