AAX exchange – The Multi-Feature LSEG Crypto Exchange

AAX exchange – The Multi-Feature LSEG Crypto Exchange

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AAX Exchange Review


AAX is a multi-purpose centralized crypto exchange. AAX is led by CEO Thor Chan and has a team of 200 experts across multiple Asia-Pacific offices.


AAX exchange 6 key point overview:

  1. ✔️What is AAX exchange?
  2. ✔️Features of AAX exchange
  3. ✔️Tokenomics
  4. Wallets
  5. How to open an account with AAX exchange
  6. Why should you use AAX exchange?


What is AAX exchange?

aax overview


👉 In 2018, Peter Lin founded AAX as a multi-purpose centralized crypto exchange.


👉 Peter is the founder and CEO of Atom International Technology Limited, which is a technology company that specialises in digital asset management, blockchain solutions, fintech and distributed ledger technology (DLT).


👉 Tt is also the company that created the AAX exchange. AAX is led by CEO Thor Chan and has a team of 200 experts across multiple Asia-Pacific offices.


👉 As the only cryptocurrency exchange that is currently powered by advanced LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group) technology, AAX offers competitive trading conditions and orders are guaranteed to be filled instantly.


👉 This exchange is not only suitable for retail and institutional investors, but it is also a great option if you are new to trading and we recommend AAX for all types of crypto traders.


Features of AAX exchange

aax features


👉 AAX is trusted by over 2 million crypto investors worldwide and orders can be matched with ultra-low latency using LSEG technology.


👉 Tight spreads with deep liquidity and minimal slippage are guaranteed, optimizing your trading experience for maximum efficiency.


👉 As a CCSS-compliant company, you can rest assured that your investments and digital assets are in good hands with AAX.


👉 Customer service is available 24/7 and you can trade at home or on the go with the AAX mobile and desktop apps.


👉 The order systems provided by AAX are easy to use and you will have access to plenty of risk management and trading tools, as well as Robo trading features that can be used to automate your trading strategies and portfolio management.


👉 Instead of just rewarding clients through a referral program, AAX gives clients an opportunity to share 50,000 USDT in its friend referral ranking contest, in addition to its regular referral program.


👉 New users are also rewarded with up to 50 USDT for signing up and you can participate in the NFT lottery to win exclusive and rare collectables.


👉 AAX is popular for spot and futures trading, and offers flexible payment methods and easy conversions. You can also buy and sell more than 70 cryptocurrencies using your credit card or bank account and 8 fiat currencies.


👉 If you are trading Bitcoin and Ethereum Futures, you can use up to 100x leverage, with access to APIs and deep liquidity.



aax Tokenomics


👉 AAB is the native token of the AAX platform.


👉 It is an ERC20 token and there is a total supply of 50 million tokens, and no more tokens will ever be created.


👉 This token gives clients discounts on transaction fees, it can be held to boost competition ranking and AAB holders qualify for exclusive airdrops.


👉 Clients can also use AAB to unlock special features and tools for an optimal trading experience.


👉 The AAB token is designed for aggressive price action, which is why daily buybacks and coinburns are enabled.


Some key features:

➡️️​ A multi-tiered discount scheme: Settling trading fees with AAB is rewarded with a 20% discount, and a further discount is granted in proportion to how much AAB clients hold relative to their overall portfolio

➡️️​ Optimized wealth management: AAB will be used in special promotions that make lending, borrowing, staking, and saving even more attractive.

➡️️​ Platform upgrades: AAB can be used to unlock exclusive services and facilities, trading bots and trading signals, and other premium offerings.

➡️️​ Pioneer program: AAB will be the key token to gain access to AAX’s pioneering financial products and programs, including index derivatives, tokenized commodities, security tokens, and social trading schemes.


The main exchange to buy AAB tokens from is AAX, but HitBTC also sells this token. For more information on token listings, you can visit the AAX FAQ section.



aax wallet


Currently, the options for third-party wallets are limited, but research suggests that MetaMask and Trustwallet can be used to store AAB tokens.


To benefit from seamless integration with the AAX platform, we recommend using the proprietary AAX wallet, which is a user-friendly multi-account mobile wallet that contains 4 types of accounts (namely a Spot trading account, a Fiat account, a Futures account and a Savings account).


To access your AAX wallet, you must first create an account with AAX.


Once you have an account, simply login to your AAX account and navigate to the “wallets” section and you will be redirected to the wallets dashboard where you can manage your accounts and assets, make deposits and withdrawals hassle-free and enable your rewards and transaction fee discounts.


How to open an account with AAX exchange

Step 1: Visit the AAX website

Visit the official AAX exchange to start the process of opening an account

open an aax account step 1


Step 2: Click on the “get started” button.

To open an account with AAX, open the home page and click on the “Get started” button.

open a aax account step 2

Step 3: Fill in the form.

You can sign up with either your email address or your mobile number and you will be required to fill in your personal details. Once you have created your account, you must verify your email address or mobile number.

open a aax account step 3


You will then be redirected to a page where you will be given an opportunity to personalize your account and you will be prompted to download the Google authenticator app so that you can enter the 6 digit code to access your account.


Once that’s done, you can fund your account and start trading!


Why should you use AAX exchange?

aax key features


As the first and only crypto exchange to use LSEG technology and a partner of the Stacked and Quadency Robo-trading platforms, AAX offers high-quality performance with 24/7 customer support and industry-grade security.


You can easily manage your accounts, orders and assets directly from the account webpage or mobile application, and beginners can use the trading academy with a personalized account to learn how to trade.


In addition to the wide range of products and services offered, AAX guarantees high-yield savings accounts with interest accrued per minute and no lockups.


We recommend using this exchange for crypto trading not only because it is suitable for all types of traders, but also because of the optimized platform and advanced technology that is used to ensure that latency remains low and order fulfillment is instant.