X-Trade Brokers Forex Trade Platform and Broker Review

X-Trade Brokers Forex Trade Platform and Broker Review

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X-Trade Brokers is a CySEC-regulated forex and CFD broker headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus that provides traders with access to Forex, CFDs, indices, shares, and commodities as trading instruments. 

The broker was founded in 2003, has 15 offices worldwide, and is registered with over 10 regulatory agencies, including in Cyprus, the Philippines, Malaysia, and the UAE. X-Trade Brokers does not provide services to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and some other countries.  X-Trade Brokers DM SA employs about 500 people.

Is X-Trade Brokers Regulated?

Yes, X-Trade Brokers is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in Europe, and some other agencies for its international services.

X-Trade Brokers International Ltd also complies with the International Financial Services Commission’s (IFSC) regulations for worldwide trading.

Clients’ funds are kept segregated from the company’s, providing monetary security to traders since the company’s and clients’ assets are clearly distinguished. 

Client accounts are opened under the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF), which covers traders up to €20 000, should the broker be unable to pay out earnings.

Is X-Trade Brokers Regulated in the United States?

No, X-Trade Brokers is not regulated in Canada or the United States. 

Is X-Trade Brokers Regulated in Europe?

Yes, X-Trade Brokers is regulated across Europe by the Cypress Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). 

Is X-Trade Brokers regulated in a Tier-1 Jurisdiction?

According to the X-Trade Brokers website, X-Trade Brokers is regulated under Tier-1 jurisdiction. 

Tier-1 jurisdiction allows X-Trade Brokers to operate in specific countries, which consist of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Is X-Trade Brokers regulated in Tier-2 Jurisdiction?

According to the official X-Trade Brokers sources, X-Trade Brokers is regulated under Tier-2 jurisdiction. Tier-2 jurisdiction allows X-Trade Brokers license to operate in the following countries: British V.I., Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Taiwan.

What are the Platforms and Tools for Forex Trading in X-Trade Brokers?

X-Trade Brokers offers traders its own proprietary web-based platform that requires no download or installation. A mobile version is also available. The platform design is intuitive and effective with award-winning trading tools. The platform is accessible in 11 languages and offers 12 technical indicators, 4 chart styles, 9 time periods, and 17 analysis tools. It also offers an integrated economic calendar, news thread, and a signals service.

X-Trade Brokers does not offer MT4 as a trading platform. 

Does X-Trade Brokers Have a News Blog for Forex News?

Yes, X-Trade Brokers publishes a free news blog on its official website. This X-Trade Brokers official news blog provides updated global financial news as well as daily analysis videos that assist users to analyse important market events which may impact their trades. 

Does X-Trade Brokers Have a Traders Dashboard?

Yes, the X-Trade Brokers Traders Dashboard gives traders an overview of current market events and updates on the latest news from the currency markets.

Does X-Trade Brokers Have an Educational Section?

Yes, X-Trade Brokers publishes an education section for Forex Traders, comprising some video tutorials, courses, glossary, and a blog. Potential traders can watch the videos, read the eBooks, and access the glossary without becoming a member of X-Trade Brokers, as all educational content is offered free on X-Trade Brokers’ website. 

What is the content of X-Trade Brokers Forex Education?

There are several topics covered in the X-Trade Brokers educational series of video tutorials, courses, glossary, and a blog, which are categorized for beginners and advanced traders. 

The video tutorials cover topics like the following: 

  1. Trading is an art form.
  2. Chance and risk.
  3. Are you an emotional trader?
  4. Distributing risks
  5. Currency pairs
  6. Buying and selling.

The courses consist of lectures that cover the following topics:

  1. Forex V.O.D. – a Video on Demand Library with high-quality videos is a very good introduction to Forex trading. 
  2. Trading Strategies – a course about new strategies and new ways to maximize profit. Each strategy discusses how to identify, time frames, recommended pairs, used indicators when to enter when to exit, and examples.
  3. CFDs and Stocks – What CFDs, Stocks, and Indices are, and what the advantages and disadvantages of trading CFDs and Stocks are.
  4. Economics – more about the global economy and how it affects the capital markets
  5. ECN – An introduction to ECN and why ECN is a great tool for traders.
  6. Social Trading – What is Social Trading? What is so good about it? How does it work? This VOD is a great introduction to Social Trading.
  7. Trading Tools – The trading tools in this course cover all aspects of trading and are aimed at the experienced trader.
  8. Beginners Course – An in-depth trading course containing crucial information a trader must know before trading: Forex trading concepts, basic terms, some basic strategies, and a glossary of concepts.
  9. The Trading Market – An overview of the largest market in the world and its characteristics
  10. Terms eBook – The basics of Forex, important trading terms, and the first steps in trading.
  11. Beginners Strategies eBook – New strategies and new ways to maximize profit. 
  12. Glossary eBook – Increase your Forex knowledge with important trading and market terminology.
  13. Global Trading eBook – An overview of the trading market, different financial instruments, and the main factors that drive the market.
  14. Trading Psychology eBook – Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence while trading and psychological tools to improve mental behavior as a trader.

The Glossary gives an A to Z explanation of all the terms used in the world of Forex trading.

Finally, a Traders Blog claims to “Express the Traders’ Side Today” and contains several views on several topics like:

  1. Brexit & Q3 Earnings Report with Data Deluge.
  2. The Trade War US & China Market Warp.
  3. US NFP Cooks. Market Gyrations Remain Choppy. US Trade Tariffs for EU Is On.

Is X-Trade Brokers Legit?

Yes, X-Trade Brokers is a legit Forex Broker and Trade Platform. X-Trade Brokers has CySEC and IFSC legal certificates to perform Forex broker and trading services.

Is X-Trade Brokers Safe?

X-Trade Brokers is a reliable and safe Forex Trade platform in terms of its regulation and safety protocols. The broker is regulated in several global jurisdictions, as described below:

  • CySEC regulates X-Trade Brokers in the cross-border European Economic Area
  • International Financial Services Commission’s (IFSC) regulations X-Trade brokers for worldwide trading.

Clients’ funds are kept segregated from the company’s, which means that the clients’ and company’s assets are clearly distinguished, providing monetary security to traders.

All client accounts are covered by the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF), which can compensate traders with up to €20 000, should the broker be unable to pay out winnings.

Is X-Trade Brokers a Good Broker?

Yes, according to this review X-Trade Brokers delivers good broker services, is secure, provides online support, and offers trade with several cryptocurrencies. 

In terms of security, X-Trade Brokers provides a high level of cybersecurity, with 256-bit standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryptions, provided by Comodo, on all transactions and website traffic.

The broker has several identity theft and credit card safeguards in place, and the website also uses True-Site identity assurance and complies with AICPA WebTrust assurance standards.

 X-Trade Brokers International Ltd client transactions are processed by Reituca Marketing Ltd, registered at Stasinou & Ag. Elenis 2, 1060 Nicosia. Clients’ funds are kept segregated from the company’s, and their accounts are covered by the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF), should the broker defaults.

In terms of online support, X-Trade Brokers’ customer support team can be contacted 24 hours a day, 5 days a week via telephone line, email, a live chat option, and the broker has a large social media presence. The website supports 35 languages and lives chat representatives are available in six different languages. 

In terms of cryptocurrencies, clients can trade cryptocurrencies as CFDs across a wide selection of currency options. 

What is the Offering of Investment in X-Trade Brokers?

Offerings of X-Trade Brokers can be found below.

Feature X-Trade Brokers
Forex Trading Yes
CFDs Yes
Forex Pairs Yes
Cryptocurrency (Physical) Yes
Cryptocurrency (CFD) Yes
Social Trading  Yes

Does X-Trade Brokers have Nasdaq?

Yes, X-Trade Brokers offers traders the option of trading CFDs on the Nasdaq 100 Stock Index. The Nasdaq 100 Index (NAS100) is a list of the 100 most actively traded companies on the Nasdaq stock exchange and includes non-financial companies from sectors such as technology, retail, and healthcare.

What are the Awards of X-Trade Brokers?

Forex Trading Platform X-Trade Brokers’ awards are as below:

  1. X-Trade Brokers is the winner of the 2016 A to Z Forex Award for Best Customer Service.
  2. X-Trade Brokers is the winner of the 2016 FX Empire Award for Best Mobile Trading Platform.
  3. At the 2016 Forex Expo in Dubai, X-Trade Brokers won the top award as Best Forex Broker.
  4. At the Forex Expo in China, for 2 years in a row, they walked away with two awards: ‘Best Forex Education Provider' and ‘Best Mobile Trading Platform'.
  5. X-Trade Brokers won the prestigious Forex Report Award: Best Broker Middle East in 2016.

How to Use X-Trade Brokers for Forex trading?

A new forex trader should open an account with X-Trade Brokers to use the broker’s services and would need the following for opening such an account:

  1. A copy of identification documents and documents to prove residence
  2. They should be 18 years or older
  3. They must have immediate access to at least $ 250 to pay the minimum deposit.

Forex Traders meeting the conditions above can open a forex trading account to use X-Trade Brokers. 

How to open a Forex trader account with X-Trade Brokers?

To open a Forex Trading account with X-Trade Brokers, a trader should follow the steps below.

  1. Potential clients can get started with an X-trade account in no time, by following the ‘Open A Real Account’ link on the broker’s official website.
  2. Fill out the pop-up form with your name, country of residence, phone number, and email. 
  3. Set the password. In the pop-up message is a randomly generated password, which you are required to change to your own.
  4. The broker may request information about your financial status, background, and trading experience.
  5. You have to verify your identity by uploading the digital copies of the documents required
  6. After agreeing with the terms and conditions, you can submit the request to open the account.

What are the Forex Trader Account Types with X-Trade Brokers?

X-Trade Brokers X-Trade Brokers does not differentiate between traders and offers only one account type for all trading. All traders get access to the full range of instruments, web and mobile platforms, and the educational center. 

You can, however, grow an account, so once the account reach or holds a balance of a certain amount it will turn either to Premium Account with a $1 000 balance, a Platinum Account with $5 000, or a VIP Account with a $25 000 balance. The trading conditions won’t change and features the same support, education, news, and numerous signals are available, but Platinum and VIP account holders can get a spread reduction and additional education videos.

The broker does offer a demo account, but no option to open an Islamic Account. 

X-Trade Brokers Accounts has the following features:  

  • Demo Account

The free Demo account that the company offers is ideal for those who want to practice trading in a risk-free environment before opening a Live account. The fully equipped online demo account is available to current and prospective clients and allows all traders to first get a feel for forex and CFD trading on the platform. 

The account uses simulated money and once past the login page, a trader can open and close positions at real prices in real markets, but still without the risk to lose capital.

  • Live Trading Account

  • Award-winning trading platform
  • Global licensing and regulation
  • Daily market analysis videos
  • Range of payment options
  • Autochartist signals
  • No commissions

Some drawbacks are: 

  • No automated investing capability
  • No Islamic account option
  • No social trading
  • No MetaTrader
  • Wide spreads

How to Withdraw Money from X-Trade Brokers?

To withdraw money from X-Trade Brokers, the following should be remembered:

  • X-Trade Brokers Withdrawals do not incur expenses unless your own bank or payment method requires some performance charges.
  • Withdrawals must be processed via the same method that a deposit was made. 
  • If a deposit was made using an e-wallet though, withdrawals can be processed via bank transfer, Skrill or Neteller.
  • X-Trade Brokers can take up to five days to process a withdrawal and it may take even longer to reach the target account depending on the payment provider.
  • Withdrawals are requested from a trader’s personal client portal.

How many days do deposits take with X-Trade Brokers?

Deposits with X-Trade Brokers should not take more than one working day. A maximum deposit of $15 000 can be paid by cards, but there is no limit on wire transfers. Traders can also use several domestic e-wallets and payment providers.

What are the costs and fees with X-Trade Brokers?

Trading fees are charged when you place a trade and include spreads, commissions, overnight and rollover fees, sometimes also currency conversion fees.

Non-trading fees make up the cost of using some brokers and comprise payment fees and inactivity fees.

X-Trade Brokers uses a fee structure with zero commissions, taking money from spreads only. Spreads are variable, for example, GBP/USD spreads can range from 2.5 to 5 pips, EUR/USD ranges from 1.7 to 5 pips and EUR/GBP ranges from 3 to 5 pips.

Overnight premiums, or swaps, are also charged for positions that are held open after 22:00 GMT.

X-Trade Brokers’ spreads are the following: 

  • CFDs – Over 100 CFDs are available on major indexes, shares, FX, and commodities.
  • FTSE Spread: 5 pts
  • GBPUSD Spread: 2.5-5 pips
  • Oil Spread: 5 pips
  • Stocks Spread is variable

Forex – Clients can trade on over 50 major, minor, and exotic currency pairs.

  • GBPUSD Spread: 2.5-5 pips
  • EURUSD Spread: 1.7-5 pips
  • EURGBP Spread: 3-5 pips

What are the Trading Fees with X-Trade Brokers?

X-Trade Brokers does not charge deposit fees or withdrawal fees. The broker does charge swap fees, which is interest accrued on positions held overnight. A $50 inactivity fee is charged to accounts dormant for more than three months. 

What is the minimum deposit in X-Trade Brokers?

The recommended minimum initial amount is 250 USD. 

What are the contract specifications in X-Trade Brokers? 

Feature X-Trade Brokers
Forex Trading Yes
CFDs 445+
Forex Pairs 55+
Cryptocurrency (Physical) 5
Cryptocurrency (CFD) 15
Social Trading  No

Does X-Trade Brokers have promotional offers?

Yes, X-Trade Brokers does offer promotional campaigns or bonuses to its new and existing clients. While there were no promotions running at the time of writing, the broker does run periodic promotional campaigns and have been known to drop minimum deposits, offer deposit bonuses and even team up with international football star Cristiano Ronaldo for promotional activities.

Traders are however advised to always scrutinize bonus terms and conditions before entering into account registration when lured by bonuses.

Does X-Trade Brokers have a welcome bonus?

Yes, X-Trade Brokers sometimes offers a unique welcome package which may comprise the following:

First deposit bonus (Up to $6 000 Cash bonus)

Phone Verification ($25 Cash bonus)

First Trade on us (Up to $500 Cash bonus)

Account Verification (20% Cash bonus)

Does X-Trade Brokers have a deposit bonus?

Yes, X-Trade Brokers does sometimes offer a welcome bonus, which can amount to up to $6000 with a first deposit. For a deposit amount between $250 and $499, a trader can get a 30% bonus, up to $150, and for a deposit between $500 and $999 he can get a 40% bonus up to $400. For a deposit between $5 000 and $9 999, a trader can get a 60% bonus of up to $6 000.

Is there a commission-free trade bonus in X-Trade Brokers?

No, X-Trade Brokers does not offer a commission-free trade bonus, since the broker uses a fee structure with zero commissions.  

Is there a VIP bonus with X-Trade Brokers?

Yes, X-Trade Brokers offers several kinds of VIP bonuses. VIP members can get incentives like the following:

Weekend Getaways to Exotic Locations – Travels to exciting destinations all over the world

Corporate Gifts – branded gifts such as electronic devices, sporting goods, and more

Tickets to Top Tier Sporting and Industry Events – Watch an incredible game or go to a great party with exclusive tickets.

Senior Account Managers – An experienced account manager will guide the VIP client through the platform and the financial markets.

A Dedicated Support Team – A special team of customer service representatives is on standby to assist VIP traders with any issue they may encounter while trading.

Individual Bonuses – bonuses that are tailored to their specific account when they contact their account manager.

Can you start trading with no money at X-Trade Brokers?

No, you cannot start trading with no money at X-Trade Brokers but can benefit from attractive bonuses when first funding a Trader Account. Such bonuses vary from a 30% bonus for a deposit amount between $250 and $499 to a 60% bonus on deposits between $5 000 and $9 999, which amounts to a bonus up to $6 000.

How does leverage work with X-Trade Brokers?

Leverage is presented as a ratio and refers to funds essentially borrowed from a broker that allows the trader to increase their trading position by opening larger positions. Leverage can amplify potential profits, but it can also increase losses. 

Leverage rates with X-Trader Brokers vary to a maximum of 1:400. The leverage levels for indices range from 1:20 to 1:200, commodities only up to 1:10. Forex pairs can be leveraged between 1:50 and 1:400 and stock up to 1:5. 

Due to ESMA regulations, retail traders in EU-regulated markets, such as Germany, are capped at a leverage of 1:30.

Where are the headquarters of X-Trade Brokers?

X-Trade Brokers is headquartered at 35 New Road, 2nd floor flat, Belize City, Belize.

Who is X-Trade Brokers’ CEO?

Omar Arnaout is the Chief Executive Officer at X-Trade Brokers. He holds a Master of Arts in Banking and Finance at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics.

What are the social media accounts of X-Trade Brokers?

Traders can follow X-Trade Brokers on the following social media accounts:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

How many employees do work for X-Trade Brokers?

X-Trade Brokers has over 500 employees.

What are the opinions about X-Trade Brokers?

X-Trade Brokers is described as an award-winning provider and is a free signal and well-equipped education center make it a practical choice for clients new to trading forex and CFDs.

Reviews suggest that the broker brings stable and reliable conditions to trade, with a powerful online-based platform, a comprehensive variety of trading instruments, and a fixed spread with no hidden fees.

The company follows the strict rules of its regulation and supports its traders by various means.

What are X-Trade Brokers Contests?

X-Trade Brokers did not run any contests at the time of writing. Traders can monitor the broker’s official website for possible future forex exchange contests and competitions.

Forex Contests are offered to traders to profit on contest winnings.

Does X-Trade Brokers have online support?

Yes, X-Trade Brokers has an online support team for the benefit of Forex trade account holders. The support team can be contacted by via a live chat option on X-Trade Brokers' official website, telephonically or by sending an email. 


Does X-Trade Brokers offer demo accounts for Forex trading?

Yes, X-Trade Brokers offers a free demo account for all new traders. The demo account can be opened as follows:

  1. Navigate to the “Free Demo Account” link at the bottom of the broker’s website
  2. Complete the registration form with the relevant information, such as your full name, email address, and contact details
  3. Confirm the link in the confirmation email sent to your inbox and start practicing.

Does X-Trade Brokers have a mobile app for Forex trading?

Yes, X-Trade Brokers offers a powerful mobile platform that is available on iOS, Android, and Windows. The mobile platform called ‘X-Trade Brokers Online Trading’ is customer-friendly with a responsive user interface and supported by much of the capability provided by the web-based platform like alerts and professional charting tools.

The app allows one-touch trading with live prices, charting options, analysis tools, notifications, and account funding options. More additional tools, such as Autochartist signals and an economic calendar are also available on the mobile platform and receive good reviews from users.

Does X-Trade Brokers publish an economic calendar?

X-Trade Brokers does offer an economic calendar. An economic calendar is a useful resource that allows Forex traders to remain up to date on relevant economic information that is scheduled to be released, which may impact the currency markets. 

X-Trade Brokers’ economic calendar provides information on financial events, forecasts, and historical data.

What is the communication information of X-Trade Brokers?

X-Trade Brokers publishes the following contact details on its official website: 

Phone: +27 105006180

Email addresses:

Office Address:

X-Trade Brokers Europe Ltd., Vasileos Constantinou 140, 3080, Limassol, Cyprus,

Tel: +357-250-30742

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