What is the Privacy Policy of ForexRecommend?

What is the Privacy Policy of ForexRecommend?

ForexRecommend safeguards and uses the Information provided by visitors to our platform when they use our website. Any information supplied by ForexRecommend users will merely be used in the ways set apart in this privacy policy.

To provide services and to enable certain functions on the ForexRecommend website, we collect and use specific data about users. The latter is done so ForexRecommend can clearly comprehend how visitors use our website and continuously offer timely, relevant information. 

The ForexRecommend website is free of charge, and visitors to our platform can access all sections of the website. Visitors are also not required to register to access any areas of the website. Although ForexRecommend may alter or update information in this policy at any time, we are dedicated to always safeguarding your privacy.

How is Information Collected on Investopedia?


Which Information is Collected Automatically When You Visit ForexRecommend?

  • ForexRecommend might gather the subsequent user data:
  • Any information applicable to user inquiries
  • User's name
  • Contact information, e.g., email address
  • Demographics
  • Other relevant website usage data.

Which Cookies Do ForexRecommend Use?

Although there are several diverse categories of cookies, the ForexRecommend website uses:

Cookies for internal Marketing Purposes

ForexRecommend uses these cookies to collect information about visits to our website. This includes your IP address, your device, the links you followed as well as the content you viewed. 

Performance & Functionality 

By using these cookies, ForexRecommend can recognize visitors to our website. It enables us to remember your previously chosen tendencies and preferences, including language and location.

How may ForexRecommend Use the Information it Collects?

Data collected by ForexRecommend may be used as follows:

  • Recognizing you when you revisit our website to tailor the website according to your previous requirements, e.g., Collected data, helps us improve the website content, its functions, etc.
  • Improving our services and products based on your search history, e.g., Information stored about your preferences, aids our website to in future offer you info you might find applicable and noteworthy. 
  • Including you in our emails about relevant offers and services – you may opt-out any time.
  • Contact you via email for market research reasons.
  • Email you with exclusive offers on other products and services we think you might like
  • Data collected will also be used for ForexRecommend internal records.

How may ForexRecommend Share Information It Collect?

ForexRecommend might share certain restricted aspects of your data with third parties for promotional purposes. Controlled online data collected by ForexRecommend through cookies might also be shared with our public relations affiliates. This means you may be presented with marketing and promotional content established by your browsing patterns on the ForexRecommend website while visiting another website.

How Long Does ForexRecommend Retain the Information?

ForexRecommend retains your personal information securely for a limited period and will not share this information with any other companies.

What are the Choices of Users for Preventing Data Collection on ForexRecommend?

  1. Unsubscribing From Emails

Regardless of which email you use, you can unsubscribe from an email from the sender. Next to the sender's name, click Unsubscribe.

       2. Blocking Cookies

You can set your browser not to accept cookies by going to the settings menu in your web browser and following these steps: 

Under ‘Privacy and security,' select the option ‘Cookies and other site data.

Select an option: 

  • Allow all cookies
  • Block all cookies (not recommended)
  • Block third-party cookies in Incognito
  • Block third-party cookies.

        3. Disabling Local Shared Objects

You may request that ForexRecommend disable and erase your collected data under certain circumstances. If you would like to implement this, please contact us.

        4. Options for Third-party Ad Networks

You may request that ForexRecommend restrict the sharing of your collected data with third-party advertising platforms under exceptional circumstances. 

How Does ForexRecommend Protect Personal Data?

ForexRecommend will not share your personal data or information with any other establishments.

Visitors and users of our website should be fully aware of data protection rights. These include the right to:

  • put forth a request to ForexRecommend for personal data duplicates
  • request that ForexRecommend rectify any data you consider incorrect
  • request that ForexRecommend, under specific circumstances, delete your personal data
  • request that ForexRecommend, under specific circumstances, limits the processing of your personal data.

Feel free to contact us regarding any of the above.

Privacy Policies of Linked Websites

The privacy policy of ForexRecommend applies only to our own website. There are links to other websites contained within the ForexRecommend website. If you click on one of these external links, you will be directed to the linked site and should familiarise yourself with the privacy policy of that specific website.