About ForexRecommend: What is ForexRecommend?

ForexRecommend was founded in 2020 by financial expert Louis Schoeman and is located at 274 Route d’Esch,
Gasperich, Luxembourg.

The mission of ForexRecommend is to assist prospective and experienced traders in their search for the appropriate

“Our vision is to create a platform which will provide brokertransparency to traders from across the globe,” said

ForexRecommend reviews are researched and written by unbiased experts with a wealth of experience. It is our
purpose to deliver a onestop Forex platform along with comprehensive, reliable brokerdata.

Louis Schoeman

Forex Expert Interests: Travel and Entrepreneurship Synopsis: Louis Schoeman is an MBA graduate with years of start-up experience. Louis stays up to date with the latest marketing trends to give his vested projects the ultimate edge online. He loves giving back to the community to empower them to become financially self-sustainable in the trading space.

Mariana Balt

Editor / Journalist / Forex Writer Specializes in: Journalism, Environmental journalism, Forex, Stocks, and financial content writing. Interests: Writing, Photography, Stock markets, Forex, Media, Travel, Camping. Synopsis: This former newspaper editor has more than 20 years’ experience in community journalism (South Africa) as well as national media (Namibia). Over the past years, Mariana and her husband travelled South Africa and Namibia, their country of birth, travelled abroad many times while still working as a financial copywriter and photographer.

Liezel Thorne

Forex writer / Journalist / Trader Specializes in: Forex, Stocks and Indices, Cryptocurrencies, technology, news, latest tips, tricks, and trends. Interests: Financial industry and corresponding markets, geography, conservation, music. Synopsis: Liezel has done extensive reviews on brokers, trading platforms (web, desktop, and mobile), and various other concepts involved with trading. As a student of Environmental management, she has a keen interest in geography, environmentalism as well as conservation of both fauna and flora.

Anchen Coetzee

Editor / Journalist / Writer Specializes in: All aspects of media and communication, Entrepreneurship, Business, Management. Interests: Media, Communication, Marketing, Journalism, Business. Synopsis: This former newspaper editor has been in media for over 30 years. Anchen has a thorough understanding of the processes within the media industry and the requirements to drive and achieve success. She has travelled abroad and was also a columnist for a London newspaper. She is a published pseudonymous author with a passion for creative writing.

Lynette Spencer

Editor / Forex Writer / Teacher Specializes in: Investment writing, Forex, Stocks, and financial content writing. Interests: Journalism, Photography, Information Science, Financial & Investment writing, Travel, Camping. This former newspaper editor is also a full-time teacher who loves nature. Synopsis: Lynette has a keen interest in archaeology, loves everything outdoors and is passionate about the African Bushveld. She has also travelled abroad to different countries numerous times and lived in Dubai while teaching at an international school.

Naomi Roebert

Forex writer / Journalist / Developer Specializes in: Fintech, investment writing, media, marketing, socio-economic effects of market movements, investment potential of market developments. Interests: Stock markets, Forex, Media Marketing, Travel, Social anthropology. Synopsis: Naomi has written financial content for numerous platforms over a broad spectrum pertaining to trading. She lived abroad as a travel writer where she worked as a dedicated Bangkok city guide writer for Trip.com and curated a successful lifestyle blog covering the expat experience in Asia. She has also travelled separately to India and Europe.

What are the Editorial Standards of ForexRecommend?

ForexRecommend editorial standards are listed below, but not limited to, the following:

  • Uniqueness
    Forex Trading Guides, and Forex Broker Reviews, and all content of ForexRecommend are unique, and it belongs to
    the ForexRecommend platform.
  • Precision
    Being transparent and precise in writing reviews safeguard traders. This includes giving a full account of important
    information about the broker and its key parameters.
  • Research
    We do an extensive amount of research during the factchecking process. This includes standard online searches and making use of platforms like BrokerCheck from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). The latter
    specifies all legal actions that might have been taken against a broker.
  • Expertise
    Our editors have a comprehensive understanding of the world of Forex. This enables them to view articles through
    the eyes of a broad spectrum of visitors to the ForexRecommend platform.

Where is the Address of ForexRecommend?

The address of ForexRecommend is
274 Route d’Esch, Gasperich, Luxembourg, L1471. The contact number for
ForexRecommend is +352621528449.

How Does ForexRecommend Use Inclusive Language?

ForexRecommend make use of inclusive language as far as possible. 
By using inclusive language, we deter from utilizing specific words, phrases or statements that might exclude certain  groups of people. An example of the latter would be the avoidance of e.g., genderspecific words, such as “man”, as these pronouns may possibly be regarded in a context that dismiss women.

At ForexRecommend we strive to create a platform which is diverse to include all groups of people. One of the key
techniques of accomplishing this is our use of inclusive language.

How Does ForexRecommend Use Diverse Perspectives?

ForexRecommend use diverse perspectives when creating content for the website.
Our editors have a comprehensive understanding of the world of Forex. This enables them to view articles through the eyes of a broad spectrum of visitors to the ForexRecommend platform. They are intellectually flexible and recognize that different cultures and groups have different viewpoints and methodologies and include these perspectives when creating content.

At ForexRecommend we create content which incorporates factual information, and our understanding of varied
perspectives will enable you to choose the broker which best comply with your requirements.

How Does ForexRecommend Verify the Information on the Website?

ForexRecommend verify information on the website by thorough research and interaction.

The editors’ research all crucial criteria for all the brokers. This research gets updated as brokerchanges occur, but
categorically on a yearly basis, while we continuously add new brokers.

Writers make use of platforms like BrokerCheck from Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). The latter
specifies all legal actions that might have been taken against a broker.

Editors will verify and gather information in a multitude of ways, including using the following:

  • Straight from the brokers’ website
  • Via live chats with brokers’ agents
  • Opening pseudonym accounts to research users’ experience
  • Corresponding with agents via email
  • Studying assessments from several reliable Forex platforms


ForexRecommend data is monitored continuously and updated as changes occur, but once a year the editors will
make necessary changes to the existing brokers’ content. If needed, we change our methodology and alter our
approach as old trends makes way for updated models.

Listed below are some of the key areas researched and assessed by the writers and editors:

  • Broker Portfolio
  • Fees and Spreads
  • Security
  • Opening Deposit
  • Deposit and Withdrawal
  • Islamic accounts
  • Trading platform
  • *General Information
  • *Review
  • *Overview

*These areas also include broker history, contact details, from which countries these brokers admit traders and all
other relevant information which might assist traders in decision making. ForexRecommend constantly updates its
methodology to stay on top of the Forex ladder.

Who are the Managers of ForexRecommend?

The manager of ForexRecommend is Louis Schoeman. His business address is 274 Route d’Esch, Gasperich,
Luxembourg and his phone number is +352621528449.

Who is the Owner of ForexRecommend?
The owner of ForexRecommend is Forexandfinancial expert, Louis Schoeman.